The new Belgian label Wolk launches functional, sustainable clothing for every lifestyle

What do Merino wool, linen and Tencel have in common, you ask? All three of them are high-quality natural materials that take centre stage in the very first collection by the new Belgian label Wolk. The brand kicked off in March with its very first men’s collection, the result of a smart combination of high-performance materials and modern technologies. Get ready to discover fashionable, high-quality clothing for every occasion: breeze through busy traffic, office politics and after-work drinks all in the same snappy outfit.

Wolk is launching an SS18 collection that currently focuses exclusively on timeless and sustainable men’s shirts and T-shirts designed for performance. They are made of natural materials combined with a high-tech production process. Joris and Ellen, the two Antwerp-based designers behind Wolk, have reworked the traditional design of several wardrobe basics to create a summer collection perfectly suited to today’s more active lifestyle.

"We were tired of having to choose between looks and performance. Let’s be honest, it’s not like we are only active in the mountains or we just sit still all day at work. We expect fashion to go way beyond a cool look.”

- Joris and Ellen, founders of Wolk

Let the fabrics do the talking

A Wolk, it all starts with the selection of the very best materials. When they can’t find the ideal fabric, the designers develop it themselves. They knit or weave fabrics with the exact characteristics needed to achieve the desired level of comfort. In doing so, the social and environmental impact of their activities takes centre stage. Every piece is carefully manufactured in Portugal. The fabrics used are preferably made in Europe and, when selecting the right partners, quality and sustainability are key.

The SS18 collection by Wolk features a lot of Merino wool, a premium, absorbent natural material. It is breathable, crease-free and anti-bacterial, and it keeps your body temperature at the right level. What’s not to love? This very first collection also features linen and Tencel, two natural materials with moisture-regulating and cooling properties. For its T-shirts, Wolk has developed the exclusive Climaforce Merino wool, an extremely durable mix of Merino wool and nylon that is the main component in the ideal all-season base layer. The core values of quality and sustainability apply even to the smallest of details. Case in point? The shirt buttons are made of olive wood or corozo nuts, a kind of ‘vegetable ivory’ that was often used for buttons before the advent of plastics.

Wolk designs, you advise, Wolk produces

The Wolk designers want to make sure their clothing is loved and worn for a long time. That is why they have set up a section of their e-store that offers new designs as crowdfunding projects. The items in question are only created if customers really want them to be produced. Wolk also sells its products directly to customers and only makes investments that contribute to better products. This allows the label to offer top-notch quality at prices that are unfeasible for traditional brands backed by extensive marketing teams and complex retail structures. The Wolk T-shirts are available from75. Tencel shirts cost €125, linen shirts €135 and Merino wool shirts change hands for €145. 

The SS18 collection by Wolk is available from March onwards at the label’s e-store and in several pop-up shops. Curious to find out more? Subscribe to the newsletter on the website.


Where performance meets style


About Joris & Ellen
Joris and Ellen, the two young designers behind Wolk, are both from Antwerp. For years, this product developer couple specialised in technical clothing for the great outdoors. Their problem-solving approach and unbridled passion for textiles pushed them to launch their latest project, Wolk, a label that takes a critical look at the practical aspects of performance clothing and integrates them in an everyday wardrobe.

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