Film showcases the undiscovered subculture of the city through the eyes of local artists Shanti Celeste and Chris Farrel

For SS15 heritage boot brand Palladium is launching an online content series, “The City Explorers”. This campaign follows two creatives on film, commissioned by Palladium, as they are introduced to the undiscovered subcultures and insider know-how of each European city by local artistic influencers. For two months Georgia LA and Emmanuel Cole will journey through 8 European cities, filming and writing about their urban discoveries.

The Bristol story is the third episode in Palladium’s Urban Explorer series. Having visited Lyon and Antwerp, Georgia and Emmanuel head to the UK and discover the urban identity of Bristol, a city made famous by trip hop moguls like Portishead and Massive Attack, street-artist Banksy and countless drum & bass artists.

Here, Georgia and Emmanuel meet up with local creatives Shanti Celeste and Chris Farrel. A Bristolian ingénue, Shanti is an acclaimed DJ and producer and runs her own label BRSTL alongside Chris Farrel. The duo met at Chris’ record shop Idle Hands where the crates are filled with underground house, techno, reggae and dub music. The store, which started out as a record label 18 months prior, has quickly become the glue between upcoming producers, crate diggers, partygoers and promoters.

The film narrative explores the urban subculture scene in Bristol, a city full of musical innovation and a fast growing food culture. The video charts DJ Shanti’s life in Bristol, where she introduces the viewer to The Island, an old prison, now a creative hub for artists and musicians. Here DJ Jay L explains the significance of community in Bristol for encouraging creative flair, which is further emphasised by DJ Addison Groove. Fellow Bristol host, Chris Farrel, opens the doors of his renowned record store Idle Hands and provides an insight into the growth and prominence of House music in Bristol.

The video also showcases Bristol’s flourishing café and food culture. Georgia LA explorers the vibrant food stalls of St Nicholas Market while Shanti takes the viewer behind the scenes at The Bristolian and the Maitreya, the best vegetarian restaurant in town.

Meanwhile fellow Palladium Explorer photographer Emmanuel is capturing the spirit of the city on film, illustrating the tangible community atmosphere and the disused urban landscape.

In the final scene, Shanti and her friends visit the burgeoning club Cosies, where DJ Ossia from the Young Echo Collective, hosts one of the many underground club scenes in Bristol where ‘those in the know’ in this vibrant city come to party.

Post Bristol, Georgia and Emmanuel will then continue through Copenhagen, Florence, Istanbul, Budapest and Hamburg outfitted in tough, durable pieces from Palladium’s SS15 collection - select SS15 styles are pictured below. The full line of Palladium Boots is available via and at select retailers worldwide; prices range from £45 — £74 for all styles. 

Engaged social media followers and fans of the brand are encouraged to follow along using ‘#palladiumexplorers” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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